Tuesday, October 6, 2009


1. Lauren Graham-Bad Santa
Probably the best movie on this list and though there were a multitude of hot women in the flick, Lauren Graham was the hottest by far.

2. Elizabeth Banks-Fred Claus
I never saw Fred Claus and I don't care. I saw this chick in Invincible and 40 year old Virgin and that did it for me.

3. Keira Knightley-Love Actually
This is one of the stupidest romantic comedies of all-time. I considered stabbing myself in the eye during the movie. But then Knightley showed up and eased my pain.

4. Zoey Deschanel-Elf
Its too bad that we don't see Zoey in more films. In fact, slut her up a little and she could be the next Paris Hilton. .

5. Charlize Theron-Reindeer Games
This is one of two borderline holiday movies on the list. But anytime a movie is remotely on topic and Charlize Theron is in it, well then, I have no other decision to make.

6.Reese Witherspoon-Four Christmases
Reese will never be confused with the all-time hotties in Hollywood but she's done enough to warrant herself on this list. And yea, she still has that rollercoaster scene in "Fear" to hang her hat on.

7. Rachel McAdams-Family Stone
Possibly the most underrated hottie in Hollywood right now. The movie sucked but worth seeing since she's in it.

8. Elisa Donovan-Eve's Christmas
Known more for her role as Amber in Clueless, this chick has actually been around the block with different shows and movies

9. Michelle Pfeiffer-Batman Returns
The second of the borderline holiday movies, although, anyone who remembers this flick remembers that the whole damn thing took place on Christmas Eve and was terribly annoying. This was Pfeiffer at her peak when there were few women in the world who could rival her.

10. Kate Winslet-The Holiday
Not a huge fan of Kate myself but its hard to deny that she's still a hottie

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